Own the Winning Secret to Creating More Income Every Month than Most Investors Hope to Make in a Year.

This Package--The Winning Secret: Stack the Deck on Every Trade--takes the fear out of trading options and replaces it with knowledge, confidence and a strong mathematical likelihood of winning--frequently and generously.

The foundation of the package is a 152 page eBook complete with pictures, graphs, colored charts, definitions and everything else you'll need to fully benefit from the only strategy proven to create consistent 5-15% monthly returnsWith this style of trading you'll make money through time decay--and fortunately the passage of time happens with or without us--it's a 'feet on the desk' trading approach our subscribers have come to love.

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Here is a sample of the benefits you'll discover inside The Winning Secret:

  • Why this 'well of income' will never run dry no matter what happens to the overall economy (pg. 6)
    • Learn why covered calls are one of the WORST ways to generate income with options--and discover the one strategy that beats covered calls every time with LESS risk! (pg 21)
  • Learn three amazing strategies to make sure your sold strikes never see the light of day--(pg 35/Ch 6)
    • How to use Bollinger Bands--with one other indicator--to make sure you are always selling at a market extreme for the greatest credit with the least risk (pg 37)
  • The secret to using implied volatility to make sure you are always collecting the fattest premium possible with the greatest chance of it expiring worthless (pg 42)
    • How to use earnings releases to really juice the returns on your credit spreads--unfortunately most traders get this one completely wrong and end up losing money when they could be making a fortune (pg 47)
  • Discover how to use the 'delta' to tell you exactly when to close a threatened credit spread (pg 53)
    • How to make sure any threatened spread is closed perfectly--whether you have time to watch your trades or not! (pg 55)
  • Learn the one adjustment you need to turn a potential loss into a fortune if the stock threatens your spread--this benefit is completely unique to the way we do spreads and can REALLY boost your profits (pg 58)
    • The three rules you MUST KNOW before adjusting your positions (pg 60)
  • Take advantage of the perfect time to buy back your sold options and the one situation when you should NEVER sell your bought option (pg 61)
    • How to bet on volatility instead of price--and totally stack the deck in your favor (pg 70)
  • Discover the biggest advantage of an Iron Condor over a directional credit spread--and use it to rack up some amazingly large and consistent profits (pg 71)
    • Take advantage of the right mind set for trading Condors--a subtle switch in your thinking that makes this strategy MUCH EASIER to profit from (pg 75)
  • How to use the trend of a stock to place your Condor for maximum profits with minimum risk (pg 76)
    • Profit from the secret to using average monthly movement to determine how far out to sell your spreads (pg 80)
  • Discover the three important benefits for placing each wing of your Condor separately--and how they can work together bringing in more cash AND reducing your risk (pg 83)

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    • Take advantage of TWO INDICATORS that effectively predict a change in the direction of the underlying providing the perfect opportunity to maximize your spread credit (pg 87)
  • The one trick--that virtually nobody acknowledges--to 'hurry expiration along' actually speeding the draining away of time value--this one will AMAZE you! (pg 91)
    • Profit from the best adjustment you can make to any threatened Condor (pg 95)
  • Discover this amazing 'zero-cost' buy-back secret to close out legs close to expiration (pg 98)
    • Learn the perfect amount of time before expiration to buy back a sold leg for maximum profits while eliminating 'gamma' risk (pg 99)
  • Discover the optimum amount of time to sell to maximize your size and probability of profit (pg 101)
    • The surprising three undeniable benefits of narrow spreads and why you MUST take advantage of them (pg 105)
  • Discover a gigantic history making rule-change by the SEC that just put a fortune in your pocket--IF you know about it and how to use it  (pg 113)
    • Why proper money management is essential and the two most profitable secrets to position sizing and diversification (pg 121)
  • How a certain size cash reserve in your account can make you extra profits even though the money is 'just sitting there' most of the time (pg 127 and 128, 136)
    • The maximum 'safe' amount to put into any one Condor or spread position and how to easily calculate it based on your account size (pg 132)
  • Enjoy the 'peace of mind secret' to setting up your trades to completely avoid EVER having a losing month--this one may surprise you (pg 129)
    • The eight secrets--that when combined--create OVERWHELMING odds of winning--for an ever-increasing source of monthly cashflow (pgs 131-140)

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You could probably retire off the information in The Winning Secret eBook alone--and some have--but there's more...

In addition to The Winning Secret eBook you'll also receive a graphically detailed 15 video library with accompanying text from a series of live webinars presented to show you every money-making detail of this strategy. The beauty of these videos is you can watch them as often as you want to really assimilate the information--and because they exist inside a special section of this website you can watch them from anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

And if you would rather listen in your car or at the gym, you’ll also gain access to a completely different set of 14 audio files you can quickly download to your MP3 player or iPod so you can take your options education with you wherever you go. This set is tailor made for listening--no pictures or charts are referred to like in the video files. The information is clear, easy to understand and at a pace you can easily follow.

On top of the eBook, video files and audio files you will also be eligible to view every educational webinar we've ever done--or will ever do on this strategy--for life.

There are several fresh webinars posted on the site already and we seem to add a new one every few months. These webinars reveal new or unique strategies to refine this style of trading in order to reduce your risk even further--and enhance your returns.

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And finally the package provides one more bonus that will likely pay for this education many times over--and for most customers it already has: Special Situations.

What are Special Situations?

Once in a while a special situation comes along that demands our attention in a way that cannot be ignored.

So we don't.

When one of these situations becomes apparent it is posted on a special page inside the package buyers part of this site and an email is sent to notify you there is a trade waiting.

The three criteria that all Special Situations have in common is where a temporary market imbalance creates a scenario where:
A) It would be extremely improbable for us to lose money,
B) The return on investment is unusually high, AND
C) A credit spread is determined to be the best vehicle for the trade.

By their nature these Special Situations are random, relatively rare and fleeting. They are released as they become apparent and their distribution is strictly limited to Winning Secret Package buyers--a relatively exclusive number of traders.

These trades are an extra benefit for Package owners and are designed to demonstrate the power, versatility and generous returns possible in the world of spread trading.

Our Special Situations trades have been extremely effective and have become one of the most popular aspects of this Package. In the regular subscription we shoot for a generous but conservative 5-15% monthly return selling options, however these Special Situations trades generate much higher returns. Our last 'situation' delivered a 43% profit for subscribers in just three weeks time--that's over 14% per week!

The really compelling aspect of this offer is you get everything just described--the 148 page eBook, the video library, the downloadable audio files, the ongoing webinar series and even the Special Situations trades---all for one low price. And once you become a member you'll never have to pay more for the Package again--no matter how much content we add!

Access to this information is a big step toward getting your monthly cashflow to financially independent levels. The benefit of what this Package can do for you, coupled with a one-time low entry fee makes the value extremely compelling.  Instead of charging thousands of dollars you can gain life-time access for an amount of money most any can afford--because it's important for both of our interests that you start out successful and stay that way--and the only way to do that is to trade with the right information.

To purchase this package and gain access to all the benefits above go here now.

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